Our Fees

The fee structure at Ridgeview Financial Planning is transparent, simple, and flexible. During our Get Acquainted Meeting we can discuss the fee structure and which approach works best for you. 

Percentage Basis

Typically I find that what's best for most people is to work with me on an ongoing basis where I'm compensated on a percentage basis based on the value of the assets under management. If your assets grow, so does the fee. But if your assets decline, so does the fee. This approach is simple and puts me on the same side of the table with you. The primary advantage with this approach is that all of the financial planning work, regular reviews, year-end gain/loss harvesting and other tax management, portfolio rebalancing, etc, is included in one ongoing fee. The other practical benefit is that you won't need to feel like you're "on the clock" when you're talking with me. This is an ongoing, open-ended relationship all for one fee. Pretty simple.

Hourly Basis

Or, if you prefer, I can work with you on an hourly basis to provide you with financial planning and investment recommendations that you can implement yourself. You'll be provided with a written quote following our Get Acquainted meeting so you'll know exactly what my services will cost. Then I'll provide you with written advice and recommendations and give you guidance on how to implement on your own. This could be a full financial plan covering all aspects of your financial life and would include a variety of recommendations. Alternatively, this could be a portfolio review with rebalancing recommendations that you implement on your own. It's wide open. I'm flexible; whatever you need is what I'll do. 

Tax Planning

Are you considering taxes when making investment decisions? Do your financial
advisor and tax advisor work together for your benefit?

Let's Get Acquainted

We offer a complimentary "Get Acquainted" meeting to describe our services, and to see if our services are right for you.


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