Research - Helping Guide Investment Decisions

Bespoke Investment Group, Vanguard, The Wall Street Journal, Allianz, Zack's, JPMorgan, Charles Schwab, US Govt Agencies. I gather research and economic analysis from a variety of providers to help inform my allocation and investment decisions. While I don't believe in "day trading" in client accounts I still follow the markets daily and pay close attention to domestic and global macroeconomics, Fed policy, analyst expectations, etc.      

Custodians - Holding Your Investments

While I work for you and not a brokerage firm, I do work with brokerage firms. These firms act as custodian for your accounts since Ridgeview Financial Planning never takes custody of your investments (to avoid potential conflicts of interest). The custodian generates your statements and trade confirmations, as well as executes trades that I (or you) place in your accounts.

When you work with Ridgeview Financial Planning, ideally you would place your accounts with my preferred custodian, Charles Schwab. The primary advantage in doing so would be that I would have direct access to your account information and be able to place trades for you on a discretionary basis, enabling you to focus on other things in life. 

I am able to work with you when your accounts are held at other custodians (LPL, Fidelity, etc). Depending on the individual custodian's practices I may or may not have direct access to your account information and place discretionary trades. 

Other Professionals - Existing or Referral

I feel it's of vital importance that your tax, legal, and other important advisors are on the same page when it comes to your financial plans. I'll work with your tax and legal advisors, as well as refer you to local professionals if as needed.

Important Note: If I end up referring you to other professionals (a local CPA or estate planning attorney, for example) please know that I receive absolutely no compensation from them for the referral. This is an extension of my promise to you to avoid potential conflicts of interest. The only reason why I'd refer you to another professional would be the same reason why I'd recommend you buy a particular index fund; because they're the best available.

Investment Management

Is your portfolio built with your goals in mind? What does it cost?
How is your advisor compensated? Are they accountable for the advice they provide?

Let's Get Acquainted

We offer a complimentary "Get Acquainted" meeting to describe our services, and to see if our services are right for you.


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