Summertime Greetings

Greetings from your team here at Ridgeview Financial Planning. As I’m sure is the case for you, we’re adjusting to the recent re-shutdown of certain business categories including non-essential offices. Our building remains closed to the public, but we can still access it as needed. Fortunately much of what we do is already in the virtual world, so it’s been a relatively simple pivot for us these past several months. Now we just need to keep doing it a little longer.

As has been my routine in recent years, I’m taking the next few weeks off from writing my blog. I’m still working every day on your behalf, of course. I’m just harvesting extra time to spend with my family during what remains of summer.

I wish you all the best during these turbulent and anxious times. Little in our lives has been untouched by this crisis but I am optimistic about our future. (Repeat that last part like a mantra.) I hope you create opportunities to enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

The following few-minute read is from Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Investment Strategist at Schwab. It’s especially challenging these days to find voices of reason, and Liz Ann is one of them. In this article she reiterates how our economic recovery is likely to be lumpy and bumpy and protracted, what she refers to as “rolling W’s” instead of looking like a “V”. She explains that while some economic metrics showed a dramatic positive shift in June, which is great, they’re off historic lows and shouldn’t be expected to continue in the same way.

Have questions? Ask me. I can help.

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